To Be Around is projected as a new and dynamic company in the complex and changing world of inbound tourism. Our team consists of young and experienced professionals, keeping up with the times and with the most modern communication systems, but firmly integrated into the tourism reality and operated for years in this difficult and competitive industry.

To Be Aroundis intended for private owners or operators, offering a wide range of consulting and management services with the main objective of profit maximization and customer satisfaction. The affiliation of a property is through a structured process that will provide To Be Around the necessary tools to maximize occupation and profit and lowering the costs of management.

To Be Around proposes two "packages": Be Commercial and Be Management.

In details:

Analysis: the study of the status quo and the history of the property, through the evaluation of prices, of seasonality, of competitors, of customer feedbacks, visibility on and off line. - Planning: A team of experts will plan, in close agreement with the owners, the necessary operations to re-market the property. Will be proposed and carried out, with an eye to the charges, the specific actions to improve the structure (renewal of furniture, photo shoot, adding modern facilities required by the market, etc ...) and the timing of insertion.

Pricing: the right price guarantees maximizing of occupation and is constructed through the study of the location, market trends, seasonality and type of structure. Finding the optimal market price is step of fundamental importance and is the starting point for the success of the structure. - Revenue Management: A special section of To Be Around deals with the management of the revenues of each property through the most effective techniques of analysis and calculation. Revenue management is the system of running of capacity which has as its objective the maximization and optimization of business volume. It is a sales technique that allows you to edit the resulting revenues per unit on the basis of actual demand trend, realizing higher revenues and the highest booking number possible at any time of year. One of the most obvious goals is the application of higher prices when demand is high and low rates when it is lower. The price is not determined by a group of aggregate demand and supply of the market, but is made ??as much as possible "individual", adapted to client personal preference, to obtain from each customer the maximum amount his is willing to pay for a product. Another aim is the saturation of available capacity and customer loyalty for long periods.

Marketing and Review Management: "Advertising is the soul of commerce" cit. Henri Ford, and now, more than ever, careful planning marketing is needed to stand out among the competition and to choose really effective marketing channels. To Be Around proposes an adequate advertising campaign both online and off-line, by exploiting the potential and cost effectiveness of current technological tools and sounding out the market always looking for distribution channels, to ensure over time permanence of the success of the accommodation. At the same time will be analyzed and implemented the online reputation of the structure, which is - thanks to successful systems such as Trip Advisor - an indispensable means of increase in bookings, but at the same time it would be, if negative, the major obstacle. The feedbacks and reviews of the customers must be accompanied, analyzed and, if necessary, countered effectively and promptly.

Official Site Management: if you are in possession of a website, To Be Around will manage the implementation and improvement both in terms of content and online rankings. In the absence of site, To Be Around, will propose the best solution and will follow the creation and content production.

In the case of management of the structure:

Administrative: cash flow management (payments, billing, consumption, taxes, etc ...) and relationships with customers.

Property Management: To Be Around ensure a careful management of every aspect of the property (B & B, holiday house or villa) and of the customer. The key responsibility involves our commitment to:

1. Preparation of the structure at the beginning of the season.

2. Inventory of equipment.

3. Organization of cleaning before and after arrival of the customers.

4. Check-in and check-out process.

5. Customer care during the stay.

6. Management of extras fees (consumption, linen, towels etc. ..)

7. Closing the structure when empty.

8. Availability to replace the owner in his absence, even during periods of closure for the control and maintenance of buildings.


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